Atwood Family Genealogy - Atwood History - Mound Cemetery

Atwood Family Genealogy
Mound Cemetery
"located just North East of Humboldt Nebraska at 40 degrees 11.75 minutes North Latitude and 95  degrees 51.6 minutes West Longitude
Current residence for  James Atwood and Mary Cole Atwood and many of their Family:
  1. William Cole Atwood
  2. Charles Woolsey Atwood and wife Elta Davis
  3. Joseph Ellsworth Atwood
  4. Theodore Green Atwood and wife Anna May Stringfield and their Children Loren and Forrest
  5. Anna May Wilkinson
  6. David Haylor Atwood
  7. Emma Eliza Atwood
  8. George Harral Atwood
  9. Benjamin Drake - daughter Nellie Mae Atwood

Atwood Genealogy Prospect Church

Atwood Family Genealogy
Atwood Family Plot

James Atwood Mary Cole Atwood
James Atwood and wife Mary Cole

Children of James and Mary

Theodore Green Atwood and Wife


Ann Wilkinson Atwood

Anna Wilkinson


David Haylor Atwood

David Haylor Atwood

George H Atwood
George Atwood

Emma E Atwood
Emma E. Atwood

Charles Woolsey Atwood
Chas Woolsey Atwood

Children of Theodore Green and Anna May - Click on Picture above to enlarge Photo


Loren James Atwood

Loren James Atwood
Wife, Wilma Branan Burial Site

Margaret Atwood Shurtleff

Margaret Atwood Shurtleff

Forrest Russell Atwood

Forrest Russell Atwood

 Child of Benjamin Drake

Nellie May Atwood
Nellie May Atwood

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