R.M.S. Rhone

Shipwrecks of Caribbean

Click on picture below to see location of the Rhone shipwreck

310 Foot Steamer with a 40 foot beam

The Iron hulled Rhone had both steam (boiler) and sails

 124 dead near Salt Island 29 October 1867 * 22 survived out of 146 on board

The captain of the R.M.S. Rhone, Robert Wooley, was thrown overboard as they hit Black Point Rock. He had ordered all passengers tied in their bunks in the rough water of a hugh hurricane. All but one passenger died.

She broke in two pieces 6 miles from Road Town Tortola

Her final resting place is at the western end of Salt Island, just off Tortola, British Virgin Islands. She is located at N18 22.145 W64 32.147.

Many Corals, Angelfish, Barricuda, Lobster, Eel, Snapper, Parrotfish, good visibility with easy penetration.


Today with Lisa, I did a dive penetrating both the bow section and stern section on the RMS Rhone shipwreck which was Lisa's 11th shipwreck.

Her Bow is in about 80 feet and stern in about 60 feet


Date max Depth Water temp Boat Gas Bottom time dive # tanks
31 Jan 08 81 feet 79 F Blue Water Divers Tortola Air 38 minutes 1 1-80
  64 feet 79 F Blue Water Divers Tortola Air 51 minutes 2 1-80



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