Hokule`a in Palau

Westernmost in the Caroline Islands a land called Micronesia but often referred to as paradise at the end of the rainbow.

    Hokule`a arrived in Palau on April 1 arriving in the main lighthouse channel about 2PM local time.

Below Your Just Reward (the boat of Palau Man) approaching war canoes.

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Below Chief standing on outrigger war dancing wearing traditional wig, Shelly and chief engineer Mitch, Hokule'a with war canoe and Sentimental Journey in background


Food: Kramers, where the ex-pats hang out. Great food. Taj for great Indian food made to order, the way you like it. Possibly the best restaurant in the country. PPR's inside dining room for fine dining in air conditioned comfort. Bar-a-cuda (Fish n Fins) for great food on M-Dock (Where Palau Man has his boat)


Hokule`a Hokulea



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