Julie Kathryn Atwood

Julie Atwood

Hi There! My name is Julie Atwood. I enjoy snow skiing, scuba diving and Ham Radio. I snow ski on Mt. Shasta and in the Tahoe areas mainly. I love the water with houseboating, water skiing beach partys and SCUBA. I scuba dive at Catalina, Santa Barbara Island, San Clemente Island and in the Monterey Bay areas. My Ham Radio call letters are KB6SCG. I have received my ham radio WAS certificate and was a net control operator for one of the first radio disaster nets after the Loma Prietta earthquake. I am experienced with a variety of firearms my bud is a 'Smith..' 357 but I like 22's. I have limited world travel including Mexico, Germany, France and England. I like French cuisine especially the area around Normandy. I have been to Memorial Day Services in Normandy. I have a dog called 'Derg'. When the Derg wants me he barks. He also sometimes barks when he doesn't want me. I have a sister named Christine. Her webpage can be found below but you won't often find her home. Quote from Julie Atwood "Be kind to all life".

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Julie Atwood
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Some Background on Me

  • Aunt: look at my Sierra Kathryn

  •  Daughter of the American Revolution

  •  University of California Davis Graduate 1999

  • SCUBA diver

  • Amateur Radio License KB6SCG - WAS award #42087

  • world renowned skier (Mt. Shasta and Tahoe)

Emergency Communications Commendation Directed Helicopter Rescue-Hecker Pass-1989

Email  julie@pacificcoastdivers.com

Julie kathryn Atwood

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