Lisa SCUBA in Palau

Lisa Atwood SCUBA Diving Palau with Jim



Blue Corner * Siaes Corner * Devil-Fish City * Amatsu Maru * Iro * Helmet Depth Charge Wreck * Teshio Maru * Ryuko Maru * Zero Fighter Plane German Channel * Ulong Channel * Big Drop-Off  * New Drop-Off * Siaes Cave * Blue holes * German Wall Jelly-Fish Lake * Jake Sea-Plane * Cemetery Reef * Short Drop-Off

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Thursday August 30 Dive #0 Iro    
Thursday August 30 Skin Dive Cemetery Reef    
Friday August 31 Skin Dive Zero Fighter plane    
Friday August 31 Dive #1 Clam City    
Friday August 31 Dive #2 Big Drop-Off    
Saturday Sept 1 Dive #3 Helmet Depth Charge Wreck    
Saturday Sept 1 Dive #4 Short Drop-Off    
Sunday Sept 2 Dive #5 German Wall    
Sunday Sept 2 Dive #6 Blue Corner    
Sunday Sept 2 Dive #7 Big Drop-Off    
Monday Sept 3 Dive # 8 Ulong Channel    
Monday Sept 3 Dive #9 Siaes Cave    
Monday Sept 3 Dive # 10 Siaes Corner    
Tues Sept 4 Dive #11 Amatsu Maru    
Tues Sept 4  Snorkel Dive JellyFish Lake    
Wednesday Sept 5 Dive #12 German Channel    
Wednesday Sept 5 Dive #13 Blue Holes and Entrance to Temple of Doom    
Wednesday Sept 5 Dive #14 New Drop-Off    
Thursday Sept 6 Dive #15 Devil Fish City    
Thursday Sept 6 Dive #16 Devil Fish City     
Thursday Sept 6 Dive #17 Teshio Maru     
Friday Sept 7 Dive #18 Ryuko Maru    
Friday Sept 7 Dive #19 Jake Seaplane    

Lisa at Fish N Fins with Jim Atwood


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Above and Below: Lagoon SouthWest of the main Lighthouse

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Jim Atwood

Lisa between the owners of Fish n Fins Tova and Navote

On the way to Ulong Island

Ulong Island

Below: Lisa at Ulong Island

Below: Lisa in one of the  dive skins and in suit for diving with a steel 95 cu. Ft. tank on her back. Jim is in Twin 80s

Below: Jim in twin 80s and

Below: Lisa at

SCUBA Palau with a classy, safe and professional dive operation:

Where to Stay in Palau?

Live aboards in Palau

Never PPR, an aging resort with

 water and management problems

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Where is Chicago? Lisa Atwood



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