Lisa and Jim

Lisa and Jim

Wedding Bells in the Florida Keys

Ceremony in the sand at 7 PM surrounded by our family

Islamorada, Florida  August 7 2008 MMVIII

God presented all of us a blessing with a spectacular light display

Pastor Henry Lutheran Church


During his vows Jim presented Lisa, Her mother and his daughter Christine Hawaiian leis

Christine had agreed to accept one on behalf of Jim's mother

Earlier Lisa had secretly flown in Christine and Steve

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  Her Ring matches his studs

Her blue topaz ring matches the studs (and cuff links) for his tux


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The Wedding Party (and I mean party!)

left to right: Joe, Mike, Kyle, Katherine, Kristin, David, Lauren, Andrea, Jim (T), Sarah, Ann, Ellen, Pastor Henry, Lisa, Jim, Christine, Steve and Don

Many thanks to the one not in the picture (taking the pic) for being there for all of us : Katie

Reception at Snapper's in Key Largo

Cake topper custom glass SCUBA divers


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