Anniversary Cruise

Jim and Lisa Cruising and SCUBA Diving the ancient world 09

for their first of many anniversaries

Celebrity Ancient Empires Cruise

Main Dining Room - Silhouette


Mediterranean Weather

Date Location   Arrive AM Depart PM
31 Aug Roma, Italy   Port Molo Vespucci Darsena Romana 7  Click for Rome, Italy Forecast   6:00
1 Sept Napoli, Italy  Formal Night  Click for Naples, Italy Forecast 7:00 7:00
2 Sept At Sea       Calypso Deep (Deepest part of the Mediterranean Sea) 17,280 feet deep
3 Sept Athens, Greece  Dinner: Tuscan Grille 7:00pm  Click for Athens, Greece Forecast 7:30 5:30
4 Sept Rhodes, Greece   Dinner: Murano 7:00pm  Click for Rhodes, Greece Forecast 9:00 6:00
5 Sept Ephesus, Turkey  Formal Night  Click for Ephesus, Turkey Forecast 7:00 7:00
6 Sept At Sea
7 Sept Haifa, Israel  Click for Haifa, Israel Forecast 7:00 10:00
8 Sept Jerusalem (ASHDOD), Israel  Click for Ashdod, Israel Forecast 7:00 7:00
9 Sept Alexandria, Egypt  Click for Alexandria, Egypt Forecast 10:00  
10 Sept Alexandria, Egypt     9:00
11 Sept At Sea     Formal Night
12 Sept At Sea
13 Sept Roma, Italy   4:00  

Our Deck Our Ship    Where what and when

Jim's Love

Rome   Napoli Athens   Rhodes   Ephesus  Galilee thru Haifa  Jerusalem, Israel   Alexandria



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