Palau Jim

Jim at Palau Pacific Resort

With drinks at the pool/ocean bar like Shark Attack, Blue Corner, Velasco Reef.

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Below: Traditional Palauan war dance


The Blue Flash

 The sky was clear at the horizon. A bright, hot (for Palau) October Sun made it impossible to recognize people to the west of you. They were only black images as the pupil of our eyes squeezed so tightly. A few of us sensed we might have one of the spectacular Micronesian sunsets. Many were in the water and the pool. The temperature finally began to drop the few degrees between warm and cool. Warm sand oozed between our toes. Young French girls ran topless on the beach. Tables were set on the beach for hors d'oeuvres and drinks. The crowd gathered and conversations between locals and tourists competed with the sounds of the ocean as the Sun picked up speed as it neared the horizon. Many joined me for the traditional coconut milk and rum served in freshly opened coconuts sliced open with a meat carver knife thrown wildly about by a Palauan named Grayton that still has all his fingers. The smell of lobsters being grilled for the formal dining room fills the air. Cameras start to appear from, purses, travel-bags and being drug out from rooms with tripods attached. As mouthfuls of hors d'oeuvres are being chewed all began to face west. Couples embraced, children stopped their running's around, conversations stopped except for several honey look shouts. The magnificent, God given, source of life touched the ocean. Why was there not a huge burst of steam and boiling oceans? As itís shape contorted to the atmosphere our tension built. I could hear the less romantics whisper what is going to happen? Then the last of the fireball fell into the Philippine Sea and as the light disappeared we were rewarded for everything we have ever done for others in our lifetimes. The blue flash. For an hour conversation was dominated by this phenomenon. Some of us had seen it many times, some for the first time, while others missed it. A green flash is more common and the blue one we were given, tonight is indeed, like you, a precious gift from God.

 I thank God for His display and for each of you.


Below: Wednesday night Party

7 degrees

Here I sit, seven degrees north of the equator, at the bar at PPR, watching a magnificent Sun approach the western end of the Pacific Ocean. Its bright reflection still prevents staring as it shines across the water. It illuminates the island of Ulong (where one of the tribes of Survivor Palau camped)  Cool ocean breezes caress my legs warmed earlier by a tropical Sun .Well known to me, friendly Philippino and Palauan servers attend my every wish. Torches are lit along the beach in anticipation of the coming of another warm star filled night. Giant clams over one meter in length (3 Ĺ feet) so close to me prepare for a night of bi-valve feeding. I consume a concoction of Lite Rum, Triple Sec, Blue Curacao and pineapple juice named after the most famous dive spot on earth, Blue Corner. I want to find a wild love affair that will last forever and to have my last first date.


Below: Wednesday night Party


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