Angaur Island

Jim on Angaur Island Palau

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I traveled to Angaur by inter island ferry for $4.00. Arriving on the island with friends that planned to stay for 5 days we were told that they do not want visitors on their island. My friends were from Sweden and had a reservation. They met their contact and he said he could get me a place. After rejecting the first 'apartment' I asked the price for the Beach House at Island Villas and was told $35. When I said I would take it I was told they were wrong and it would be $45. When I went inside and left my belongings I was told it would be $75. I ordered 8 Ukibe (land crab) for us for dinner for $1.25 each. Our guide told her eight and the lady showed us 4 fingers on both hands and we said yes. A lady delivered 4 about the scheduled time and when I asked about the others she said disgustedly "do you want eight?" She stomped away obviously upset and returned with 4 more and informed me they would be $1.75. Both apartments were full of ants and my beach house had large spiders and a hole in the floor to allow small animals to enter under my bed. Mt Swedish friends had cock roaches all over their room. The next morning they had planned to make breakfast for me at their room but the stove would not work. They came to my place and discovered the butter they had just bought was 3 months out of date and hard as a rock but not cold. Jenny decided to poach the fresh eggs and almost threw up when she and Johan cracked open two that had turned solid. They discovered the eggs were 5 months out of date. On inspection the cheese was 3 months out of date. It had rained all night and both rooms leaked with water all over my floor. They had told me that the boat trip to Peleliu 5 miles away would be $125. When I tried to schedule it I was told $175. My friends told me they could not stay on the island under these conditions and wanted to leave with me. They refused to pay $175 for a 5 mile trip and we got on a funeral boat for $10 that took us all the way back to the main island about 30 miles.

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