Blue Holes Palau

Jim at Blue Holes


the Temple of Doom

in the Rock Islands of Palau

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Blue Holes are part of the Blue Corner Complex at 7 8.267' N 13413.311'E

Blue Corner is about 27 miles from Malakal Harbor either going west out of Malakal Harbor and down thru Little Toi or by going Southeast through the lighthouse channel and down thru German Channel to get outside the reef. The choice is usually made based on water conditions.

Depending on the tide level when you arrive you at Blue Holes you may enter thru one of the four openings to the surface or you may descend to the large opening in the side of the reef. While this is often called a cave or tunnel the normal mental pictures of these do not apply. Like Siaes Cave, this is a huge room well lighted with no need for a light except to peek into crevaces. Many soft corals will delight any diver. This cave has many exits and entrances that all light it up. The Temple of Doom is a dark cave around a small corner in the rear on the left. You enter the 'Temple' through what appears, at first glance, like a very narrow cave



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Blue Corner in the Rock Islands of Palau



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