Boating at Shasta lake


August 13, 14, 20 and 21


Aug 13-14

I put in ay Sugarloaf just South of Antlers just at Sun down.


Camped Friday night at 'Kodi Island' 

North 40 degrees, 49.5 minutes

West 122 degrees, 23.9 minutes

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SS-Relief-float.jpg (252901 bytes)  I smell a houseboat on the other side of the hill, cooking hamburgers
There are several of floating bathrooms on Shasta lake all named S.S. Relief Kodi, guarding camp on Kodi island


August 20 and 21

Rick and Evan Schlang  dropped in from Battleground WA. and I took them to Shasta lake (actually Rick drove) We over-nighted at a place we named Evan Point, near Bridge Bay Marina. 

Rick-Evan-water.jpg (237082 bytes)

Evan-Water-Gun.jpg (287916 bytes)

Jim-Ladder.jpg (252603 bytes)

Rick-Evan-swim.jpg (257853 bytes)

Rick-Dive-Door.jpg (301608 bytes)

Old-Salt.jpg (159239 bytes)




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