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Hi there. My name is Kobuck. I am universally known as the Derg. My mother's name was Nookie and my father..... I am only part Huskey but that is where my roots are. I was born in Lake County in the area known as Bear Creek. I now live in Santa Clara County, although I have spent considerable time in Siskiyou County. My human friends see my regal attributes more than my friends in the animal kingdom. I am closest to a mix named 'Lady'. She has several nicknames: Bags is one. Most call her the 'Bitch', mostly because of her attitude. My ancestors ran the first Iditarod and saved the Children of Nome, when all other hope was lost. I love to throw my head back and howl when Central Fire District's engines drive by code 3. I don't give out my address to prevent crowds awaiting my appearance. A little 'Angel' first sang my song. The music is the Bird, Bird Bird, Bird is the word song. The words are "Derg Derg Derg - Derg is the word. Everybody knows about the Derg and everybody knows that the Derg is the word. Derg Derg Derg - Derg is the word- Derg!" It really is catchy, Huh?

Oh! Derg

Kobuk's more feminine side Kobuk at Cherrystone South Kobuk talking to Huskets in Alaska Derg-4A.jpg (244907 bytes) Derg-Ball.jpg (291924 bytes)

Check Out my 'Bitch'

Some Friends of the Derg
  • Julie

  • Chris

  • Kathy

  • Captain (Navy) Jim

  • Julie J

  • Corporal

  • Central Fire District

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The Derg

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