Eve Atwood

Christine had a baby

and Eve was her name




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Eve Atwood (Labrador) AKC#SR30385805

Born 11/7/05 along with 2 sisters & 3 brothers, one of her sisters, Bella, a friend of ours has, is the other dog in the pic

Big black dog is Eve’s friend Cookie

Picked her up 12/24/05

 Eve currently weighs 40lbs (her mom was about 60lbs and her dad 120lbs) age now is 18wks

 Some activities:

Graduated “Puppy Manners ” course 3/7/06

Starts “Intermediate Manners” course 4/5/06 after we’ll test for the “Canine Good Citizen” certificate which allows her to socialize at nursing homes and hospitals 

Eve is currently looking into “Agility” training & competition, which is those obstacle courses you see them racing through on TV

 Lots of hiking and learning new tricks. When the weather gets better we’ll start kayaking, camping, etc


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