Atwood Family History

Great Grand Parents and Grand Parents of Jim

Great Grand Parents

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James Ellsworth Atwood

1 Mar 1832-8 Dec 1915

William Harrison Stringfield

30 Sep 1840-27 Oct 1923


Mary (Cole) Atwood

10 Jan 1835-5 Oct 1915

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50 th Anniversary

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Theodore Green Atwood

3 Feb 1865-15 Feb 1956

Anna Stringfield

5 Mar 1874-21 Aug 1958


Anna Mae Stringfield Theodore Green Atwood

Oliver Franklin (O.F.) Branan

22 Nov 1859-20 Aug 1951



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Dory the Cowboy Anna - Frank - Rollie - Lester - Stringfired


Dory packing a gun with a friend

from Right to left - Grandmother Anna Stringfield Atwood and Brothers Frank, Rollie and Lester Stringfield  


Home of James Ellsworth Atwood and Mary Cole Atwood
James Ellsworth Atwood House James Ellsworth Atwood House


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