Palau Sam's Jim

Jim at Sam's in Palau

Dive boats named White Tip, Black Tip, Silver Tip, Hammerhead Whale Shark and Great White

Where is Sam's

Panorama from my corner seat at the bar.

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Below left to right:

2 of my (Blue) tanks being filled with Nitrox, Jim standing in front of the Boat assignment board, equipment locker and Royal Belau Yacht Club Board

Below: Dive boat docks, Patrick, Chef de la Cusine and Bar Tender Mino


Below some of the rough water in Malakal Harbor

Below: View of Sams from the water, right is bar and grille and left is gas dock.


Below: View from Bottom Time Bar and Grille to left is fishing boat docks, out into Malakal Harbor and boat docks


Below: More Boat docks


Below shows Dive Shop with bathrooms to the left and wall charts of famous spots


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