Jim and Kodi at Shasta Lake with Kevin

June 14 2003


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Boat-6143-KodiJimWater.jpg (145995 bytes) Boat-6143-Kodi-Is.jpg (319679 bytes) Boat-6143-KodiDoor-Jump.jpg (166488 bytes) Boat-6143-KodiNDoor.jpg (138264 bytes)

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Shasta Lake is located about 172 miles north of Sacramento, California (85 miles south of Cherrystone Ranch) and is approximately bisected by Interstate 5 at GPS: 40 Degrees 46 minutes N and 122 degrees 19 minutes West. There are 365 miles of shoreline. Greatest depth is 517 feet.

Reservoir storage when full is 4.55 million acre feet of water

Shasta Lake Aug 2004

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