, Sierra Kathryn

Christine Atwood

Christine Marie Atwood

Christine Atwood is:

  • Mother - look at my Sierra Kathryn
  • SCUBA Diver - Monterey, San Diego, Belize, Bahamas, Catalina, Santa Barbara Island, San Clemente Island and Florida Keys
  • Snow Skier
  • Ham Radio Operator
  • Game Hunter
  • World Travel - Mexico, Germany, France and England
  • Skydiver

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Click here for: HouseBoating Shasta Lake Aug 2003

Click here for: Girls rafting

27th Birthday - Skydiving

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chris-yukon blackbeard_2001_shark_dive

Christine Atwood Wreck diving on the Yukon off San Diego - Shark Diving in the Bahamas


Christine's Earlier Years

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  • Daughter of the American Revolution
  • SCUBA diver
  • world renowned skier (Mt. Shasta and Tahoe)
  • Amateur Radio License N6STK - WAS award #42102

Chrissy and Daddy




Christine's sister Julie!

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