Margaret Atwood Shurtleff


Margaret Atwood Shurtleff

Jan 26 1912- Oct 14, 2001

Daughters of the American Revolution

Daughters of the American Revolution  #807426

110 th QuarterMaster Association

Margaret Shurtleff

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click on picture above for Mound Cemetery, Humboldt Nebraska NE

Eulogy by Loren Jim Atwood:

Margaret Atwood  26 Jan 1912 Oct 14, 2001

Wife of Josiah Richardson Shurtleff, Matriarch of the Atwood Family, passed from the bonds of this earth into the presence of the Lord God Almighty on the 14th of October 2001.

The youngest of three children of Anna Mae Stringfield and Theodore Green Atwood. Her brothers Loren and Forrest preceded her in death. They are all buried here. Just a few feet away rest her Atwood grandparents and numerous aunts and uncles.

Margaret is a Daughter of the American Revolution with a Stringfield Great Grandfather being listed in the first book of the D.A.R., with his son as "Patriots". Margaret was also a patriot. She played a significant role for her country during World War Two with the OSS. In her role with the OSS she was involved in the decoding of messages to and from the European Theater of war.

She has given her body, for the good of mankind, to medical research at the University of Nebraska.

I always called her Marno. As a child I could not pronounce Margaret and she has been Marno to me and my children ever since.

Margaret very strongly believed in family. As she believed, so, also should we believe and love our family. Therefore it is very fitting that we, her family, husband, nephew, great nephews, great nieces and friends, should gather here to celebrate and remember her life.

Margaret had a very outgoing personality that made everyone she came in contact with like her. She has many friends. She was very intelligent, being involved in business much of her life. She was a farmers wife dedicating her life to Joe. This woman will be greatly missed.


Shorty and Joe

Ours was no adolescent love. No starry eyed exclusion of the world. No perfect match, hand and glove, But rather we joined forces in our attack, With confidence, with battle flag unfurled. 

We faced the trials of life as one. No Turning back. No innocent dreamer with an optimistic bent But rather one who forsook a business roll 

That she could be a farmers wife and be content. The farmer reappraised his goal, The choice his own, after prime time spent, After Service had enriched his life and took its toll. 

A farmers day is dawn to dusk, The toil is sure, not so the gain. Some years the fruit and some the husk. Soaked with sweat or drenched with rain, Each night to be welcomed home again, By a laugh, a smile and a hint of musk. 

We toiled in our chosen field One dealt with numbers, row on row On papers signed and sealed.

The other watched nature multiply and grow. Years slip by unnoticed as they go,

Engrossed with the joy of living, unmindful of the yield. Now memory recalls well, the past, But falters day by day.

Strength never meant to last Has quietly slipped away. The die is cast and come what may, What ever else may ebb, this much will stay, 

I love you




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Margaret Joe and Jim

Margaret and William Harrison Stringfield


the Patriot



Her brothers, parents, Atwood grandparents and many members of the Atwood side of the family are buried at Mound Cemetery near Humboldt. Her Stringfield grandparents, great grandmother and many members of the Stringfield side of her family are buried at the Stella Cemetery. Her great grandfather Loderick Hudson Stringfield is buried in a small cemetery one mile South of Falls City.

She truly loved  and played a major role in the 110th Quartermaster Yoo-Hoo reunions with Joe.

Margaret's DAR Chapter

Margaret Atwood Shurtleff

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