Tortola BVI

Jim and Lisa

at home in Tortola

Tortola  British Virgin Islands

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Jim Making bouillabaisse   House 2010 Ballast Bay

Surrounded by the islands of Saint John, Jost Van Dyke, Virgin Gorda and many others.

The warm Caribbean waters lap at her sides: Jim and Lisa's new home.

Jost Van Dyke Tortola South Islands Virgin Gorda  

International Airport (Beef island)

Long Bay Beach Resort

18° 23.85' N and 64° 41.35' W

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Waiting on local fisherman to get back while pelicans dive in for their own catch.

Me on the right picking the best lobster and explaining to my friend 'Dick' about lobster

Long Bays Executive Chef boiled the lobster for me as I have no big pot


Cane Garden Bay


The drink on my right is saffron in Pinot Grigio at room temp

and last making the Bouillabaisse

Boil Lobster and remove meat from Carapace

Fillet fish, peel shrimp

sauté onions and peppers in butter with garlic and save

put fish heads, tails, bones, shrimp scales and crushed lobster body in pot with several quarts of water

add cut onions, peppers, Thyme, oregano, basil, half an orange, peel and all, Lemon juice, rosemary, cayenne pepper and saffron to stock pot and reduce

Filter liquid from stock pot and throw away solids

add saffron in wine (PG), olive oil, leeks and sautéed mix to cut up fish fillets, lobster meat and shrimp

boil several minutes until all is barely cooked and serve

You may toast some French bread in olive oil and butter and coat with:

Mayonnaise mixed with heavy cayenne pepper and garlic, float bread in Boillabasse

Reservations now being taken

Norman Island    Jost Van Dyke  Virgin Gorda  SCUBA  Jim's B-Day-08   Carrot Bay House-09  The Shack  Our Dogs  House 2010 Ballast Bay






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