Palau Jim

Jim in Palau Fall 06


Palau Pacific Resort

Left picture: Man removing coconuts at PPR before they kill tourists Right picture: Jim at Pool/Beach bar

Here I sit, seven degrees north of the equator, at the bar at PPR, watching a magnificent Sun approach the western end of the Pacific Ocean. Its bright reflection still prevents staring as it shines across the water. It illuminates the island of Ulong (where one of the tribes of Survivor Palau camped)  Cool ocean breezes caress my legs warmed earlier by a tropical Sun .Well known to me, friendly Philippino and Palauan servers attend my every wish. Torches are lit along the beach in anticipation of the coming of another warm star filled night. Giant clams over one meter in length (3 ¬Ĺ feet) so close to me prepare for a night of bi-valve feeding. I consume a concoction of Lite Rum, Triple Sec, Blue Curacao and pineapple juice named after the most famous dive spot on earth, Blue Corner. I want to find a wild love affair that will last forever and to have my last first date

Below diving the old KB Bridge from Sam's boat Whaleshark with Sam at the Helm.

The two pictures at the right are Sam's dive guide Danielle and me drinking and driving.

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Below: sunset on the beach at PPR and a Japanese Couple getting married to the setting Sun (possible bad omen, Japanese flag is rising Sun).

Major Earth Movement at house

Sunday Morning 1 October

 I was awakened by my landlord, Hazime Telei, Palau's director of Public Safety, to tell me the earth had moved again in the night and the water was off. There is some void underground and a large earth movement had occurred about two months ago causing a large fracture, fissure and the earth on one side to drop about 18 inches. The government came in and filled it in and smother it out. Government engineers said there should be no more slippage. It had slipped again breaking the water main about another foot. The fence is badly damaged I put in at a cost of $2000, but will still contain the dogs. I went back to sleep after telling Hazime no worries. Suddenly the house shook and there was a large rumble. I jumped out of bed and the ground had slipped over four feet down and at least 150 feet long. My fence is badly damaged and the dogs can get out. I donít know what to do.

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