Zeke Zero

Zeke Zero Fighter Plane

Shipwrecks of Palau

Amatsu Maru  Ryuko Maru  Helmet Depth Charge wreck  Raizan Maru  Urakami Maru  Sata  Iro  Bichu Maru  Nagisan Maru  Wakatake  Jake's Seaplane Unidentified Maru #7  Chuyo Maru  Zero Zeke  LST  Teshio Maru  Zeke Zero

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Her lays right side up in about 15 feet of water  . She is located at N7 14.780 E134 26.709


She was attacked by aircraft from the Carrier  as part of Task Force 58, Operation Desecrate One, on March 30 and finished off the following day by aircraft from the Carrier .




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Live aboards in Palau

Never stay at PPR, a run down, old resort with
 water and management problems.

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