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Jim and Jodie - 2005 Wedding


Who is that name in the next cabin?


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If you don't know who I am you are not going!

SCUBA, wine tasting (OK, drinking), tropical islands, sking and kids His: JimII, Christine and Julie. Colonel, Shasta, Kodi

Christine and Steve

Jim's oldest (30) Daughter and her long time boyfriend. Both SCUBA divers, sky divers (Jumping out of perfectly good airplanes. and skiers. Steve has been around since the earth cooled. A close family friend. Steve is an IT manager at a high tech company. They live in the San Jose area of California.

Ted and Kelly

Jim's nephew and wife. (Jim's brothers oldest son) They live in Kansas City with two children. They own a landscaping business and Ted is a tennis instructor.

Cheri and Rudi

Jim's friends from Santa Cruz California. Cheri is a surfer, SCUBA diver skier, etc. Rudi is a Santa Clara Cop, just certified SCUBA diver and skier. You can see Cheri's 'Dog' Road-Kill, on patrol with Officer Rudi.


Richard (his real name) is the only lawyer Jim has ever liked. They met because Dick was suing Jim. He lives in Yreka California (near Jim's ranch).

Rick and Linda - Evan and Alana

Best man and wife.  They live in Battleground Washington just across the columbia river from Portland. Rick owns an internet business and Linda is a Sr. Designer, having just moved from HP to Logitech. Jim was their best man. Their children are Alana and Evan. Alana just graduated HS  and finished the Jr. Iditerod, dog race in Alaska. Evan is a Master Magician.


Long time friend of Jim's family. She has been a Sr. Systems Analyst for HP and Sr. Software designer for a bio-tech company in Maryland. She has just accepted a jon in the Applied Physics Lab at John Hopkins Univcersity working on the software for Sun studying satalites. Vicky is a SCUBA diver and skier. She has two professional sons which have been a major paret of her live. She is currently engaged to an IT manager. She belongs to MENSA!

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